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Kavitha M

Clinical Psychologist.

Licensed clinical psychologist practicing in the area of mental health care for individuals with needs. Proven ability to conduct out-patient/inpatient care for people (both adults and children) with mental illness, psychological assessment and psycho therapeutic interventions. Having experience in psychological rehabilitation activities for people with mental illness. Specialties are Anxiety, depression, psychosomatic illness, Suicide, Couple & family psychotherapy, cognitive behavior therapy, exposure and response prevention therapy, relaxation therapies, IQ & learning disability assessment, Diagnostic Psychometry, Personality Assessment, Neuropsychological assessment, Neuropsychological rehabilitation, Yoga, meditation, Teaching & training & Research.


Hindi, English, Malayalam


Mon - Fri (2 pm-5 pm, 8 pm to 10 pm), Sat-Sun (8 pm-10 pm)

4 years

Child,  Love-Relationship,  Self-esteem,  Family,  Mood Swings,  Office Stress,  Anger,  Social Fear, 

Psychosomatic illness, Suicide attempt, Asthma,Individual, Group, Couple & family psychotherapy, Rehabilitation Psychotherapy (CBT, BT, ERP, DBT, Art therapy, JPMR, MET) Psychological assessments (IQ, Diagnostic Psychometry, Personality Assessment, Neuropsychological assessment) Neuropsychological rehabilitation Yoga, meditation,Teaching & training & Research.

  • M. Phil. Clinical Psychology
  • 4 years

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