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Terms & Conditions

MERLINREV SOLUTIONS SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED does not hold any accountability in the following cases- if you are suffering from suicidal tendencies, feeling that you are a danger to the society or yourself, required some medical treatment or psychological emergencies, suffering from medical psychotic disorders like schizophrenia. We strongly recommend you visit your nearby psychiatrist or call some trust-able suicide prevention helpline.

We does not provide our services to the underage clients without elderly supervision ; you must be 18 or above to avail our services.

Our psychologists are free to terminate the session at any point of time without refunds, in case they feel unsafe, sexually harassed or abused. In certain cases, we may transfer the clients to different psychologists within our association at any point of time.

You agree that you will not try to seek personal contact of any person associated with MERLINREV SOLUTIONS SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED.

You also agree not to ask for personal information of users from any person linked with our association.

Consult can be reschedule within 12 hours of the appointment.

Refund Policy - In case of any technical issue from YoTalks (MERLINREV SOLUTIONS SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED), Therapist not available or any other unforeseen incident that prevents session to happen on a scheduled date and time client will be refund of their deposit.

No refund will be given under any circumstances if Client fail to attend the session on the day and at the time of appointment.


Once a transaction has been completed it is then considered as non-refundable.


What We Assure

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